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Soak Up the Sun & Savings With Solar Panels

Los Angeles averages 292 sunny days per year, making it a prime location for solar power. LA also aims for 35% renewable energy use by 2030 as part of its Green New Deal. Here are some other key benefits to consider:

Help the Environment – Every solar panel system you install displaces fossil fuel plants, helping California meet its ambitious emissions reduction goals. You’ll be doing your part to clean the air and counter climate change. That feels nearly as good as seeing your electricity bill drop!

Increase Property Value – There are few home improvements revered more by buyers than solar panels. Not only do they reduce power bills, they demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. This makes solar homes sell faster and for around 4% more compared to non-solar houses.

Take Charge of your Power – With the ability to supply some or even all of your own electricity needs, you get greater control and independence over your consumption. Solar panels paired with batteries provide invaluable resilience and energy security.

Lock in Low Rates – Electricity prices have no direction to go but up as utilities invest in upgrades and wildfire prevention. Solar panels lock in effective ‘rates’ of 12-15 cents per kWh for decades, no matter what the future grid power rates are.

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Sunnysolar: Your Local Los Angeles Solar Panels Experts

We’re not just selling solar panels – we’re experts in Los Angeles solar. We know what works best in our sunny city, from getting the proper permits to making panels work efficiently. Our certified team will guide you through everything, from checking your roof to planning and installing your new solar panels in Los Angeles.

Bask in Solar Savings: Are Los Angeles Solar Panels Right for You?

Going solar with Sunnysolar isn’t just about saving money (although you’ll definitely do that, thanks to generous government incentives and lower power bills). It’s about:

  • Eco benefits: By using Los Angeles solar panels, you’re caring for the environment. The air will be cleaner, and our city will be a better place to be.
  • Energy freedom: Using solar energy Los Angeles means producing your own power and breaking free from the grid system. You’ll get more control over your power consumption.
  • Boosting your home’s value: Having Los Angeles solar panels on your house makes it worth more money. It’s an investment that not only saves you money but also adds value to your property.
  • Peace of mind with renewable energy: With solar panels Los Angeles, you get power from the sun, which keeps shining year after year. You’ll get peace of mind knowing you have a reliable and sustainable energy source that never runs out.

Finding Your Perfect Sun Match: Choosing the Right System

Picking the right Los Angeles solar panels is like shopping for a swimsuit: It needs to fit just right.

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Roof size: Look at how big your roof is. Different solar panels need different amounts of space.
  • Energy Usage: Think about how much electricity your home uses. This helps determine what size of a solar panel system is just right for you.
  • Budget: Consider how much money you want to spend. Solar panels come in different types and prices, so you need to find one that fits your budget.

Estimated System Size and Cost

Check out this table that gives you an idea of the Los Angeles solar panels system size and cost based on the average energy usage in a household:

Average Monthly Energy Usage (kWh) Estimated System Size (kW) Estimated System Cost
Less than 500 3-4 $6,000 – $8,000
500-1,000 5-6 $8,000 – $10,000
1,000-1,500 7-8 $10,000 – $12,000
1,500+ 8+ $12,000+

California’s Solar Revolution

Across cities in california solar revolution is underway. Over 1.3 million sun-powered installations now dot the golden state as residents embrace renewable energy. And with cities setting bold emissions reductions goals for 2030 and beyond, solar adoption is poised to double or even triple in the coming decade.

The drivers are obvious – 300+ days of California sunshine makes solar financially irresistible. But solar power means far more today than just savings on your next electricity bill. It represents Californians coming together and demanding a better, more sustainable future.

Commercial solar panels on the roof

Cleaning California’s Air

Even with aggressive state mandates, power plants continue pumping out harmful particulate matter and greenhouse gas emissions. Yet every new solar panel installed is like taking dozens of cars off the road when it comes to impact. Adopting solar means you get to breathe easier knowing your home or business is running clean.

But personal benefits aside, the cumulative environmental impact is what makes solar so critical. California aims to derive 50% of its power from renewable energy sources like solar by 2030. Without literally millions of new household solar panel installations in the coming years, those goals would be all but impossible to meet.
Every new solar roof is doing its part to clean California’s skies today and preserve them for future generations.

Strengthening Communities

The solar movement is also making communities physically stronger and more disaster resilient thanks to advances in storage technologies. Tesla’s Powerwall and competitor products now make it practical for solar homeowners to store excess energy generation during the day for use at night.

And with expanded capacity and falling battery prices, it’s increasingly common to add days or even weeks worth of backup storage capacity. This makes households with storage-paired solar power oases of electricity in times crisis when extreme heat, fire or storms can disrupt grid power reliability. Having your own energy safety net is not just personally reassuring, but strengthens the resiliency of entire neighborhoods.


Rising Property Values

Curb appeal matters, but even more so does future buyer appeal. And there are few home upgrades today more coveted than existing solar panel systems. The value boost is two-fold. First, solar demonstrates your commitment to sustainability which increasingly matters to younger, progressive buyers.

And second, with electrical rates only expected to keep rising, solar insulation locks in effective ‘rates’ of 12-15 center per kWh for decades to come regardless of what future grid pricing looks like. This savings security dramatically expands the pool of interested buyers.

Between catering to eco-conscious buyers and guaranteeing energy savings, homes with existing solar power installations have repeatedly shown to sell faster and for around 4% more. The boosted resale value alone makes investing in panels a wise financial move.

Get Your Free Consultation

Still unsure? That’s why we offer free onsite consultations! Our solar experts will swing by, assess your roof, and recommend the perfect system. Plus, they’ll give you a clear idea of the cost and potential savings. Contact us now!

Yes, solar panels are generally worth it in Los Angeles due to the abundance of sunshine and high electricity rates. Installing solar panels can save you money on your electricity bills and increase the value of your home. However, the exact financial benefits depend on factors like your energy usage, the size of the system, and available incentives.

The cost of installing solar panels in Los Angeles can vary, but on average, it ranges from $15,000 to $25,000 for a typical residential system. The final cost depends on the size of the system, type of panels, equipment, labor costs, and any additional electrical work needed.

Yes, there is a federal solar tax credit available for homeowners in Los Angeles who install solar panels. The federal tax credit is 30% of the total system cost and is available through 2032, after which it will decrease annually until it expires in 2035.

While California does not directly pay for the entire cost of solar panels, it does offer several incentives and programs to make solar more affordable for homeowners. These include the California Solar Initiative rebate program, net metering policies that allow you to sell excess energy back to the utility, and property tax exemptions for the added home value from solar panels.

Why choose SunnySolar™?

Since 2005 of solar expertise, Sunnysolar has the proven know-how to flawlessly install your solar system.


Our team of NABCEP-certified solar professionals will ensure your system is engineered and installed to the highest standards.


We follow all California building codes and electrical safety standards for safe, reliable solar installations.


Sunnysolar will fully customize your solar system taking into account factors like your roof, energy use, and budget.